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Fire & Blast Resistant

When a disaster occurs - be it natural or man-made - one realizes their vulnerability and wishes more had been done to protect both personnel and property. Safe Haven Enterprises, LLC works with companies, government entities and private citizens to strategically plan how best to provide protection before disaster strikes.

Safe Haven Enterprises is HUBZone certified, women-owned, and DBE based in Jennings, LA. Run by Alta Baker, President and CEO, and her team of engineers, architects, and construction experts, they have designed and created “Safe Havens” technology and products. Safe Haven's custom fabricated, forced entry blast resistant buildings and products are utilized throughout the Federal Government, corporate, and private sector. Safe Haven products are considered the standard by which all other hardening, safety, and protection products are measured. They meet or exceed U.S. Government specifications and industry requirements for safety and protection.

Safe Haven units can be found at U.S. Embassies, as well as Federal and private sectors worldwide. Safe Haven units are in various off shore drilling areas, chemical plants, and other blast zones throughout the world. Recently coming out of Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts, Safe Haven had been given the privilege of upgrading and evolving their technology.

Our divisions provide a myriad of applications that are incorporated into embassies, banks, chemical plants, offshore platforms, hotels and private homes. Mission critical areas are easily protected from various man made or nature's danger. Our technology and products are utilized as guard stations, safe rooms, living quarters, mobile command units, storm shelters, and security screening stations. Before disaster strikes we provide turn-key solutions to the issues pertaining to safety. We are here for protection of people, buildings, equipment, and your mission critical areas.

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