Safe Haven Installations in Action

USAID in Jerusalem

In an ongoing, 3 phase project beginning in October of 2000, and continuing through June 20, 2003, Safe Haven was awarded a contract to design, construct, and install for the DOS and the USAID mission in Jerusalem, a FE/BR four-plex and 2 story office complex in the US Consular compound in Jerusalem. The two story office unit was installed in two phases with the first story being fabricated at Safe Haven’s facilities in Jennings, LA and shipped to the site and then subsequently installed and commissioned.

Later, it was determined by the customer that additional office space was required and, being well aware of the level of personal security offered by the original unit and that it could be added to without any additional structural modification, a follow up contract was negotiated to duplicate the square footage of the structure by adding a second story.  Installation and subsequent commissioning of the structures required site preparation and restoration of landscaping. Safe Haven used a combination of local labor, sub-contractors, and third country contractors to expeditiously complete all site work.

Williams Olefins Chemical Plant Safe Haven Safe Room

Ten workers remained in a Safe Haven control room following an explosion at the Williams Olefins Chemical Plant. The workers were safely able to direct flaring operations while shutting down the plant.  Safe Haven’s safe rooms are an integral part of the plant’s emergency protocol.

Safe Haven Doors Protect Port Authority of NY-NJ  Tunnels

Safe Haven doors installed in the tunnel pump rooms helped to significantly mitigate flood damage due to Hurricane Sandy.

Exxon in Beaumont, Texas

Safe Haven has installed a BRM and completed the Control Room for the local plant at a rating of 8psi for an initial blast. The installation is complete with open office space, 2 water closets and a private operator’s office. Since Safe Haven modular buildings and portable units do not flex or bend in any way when lifted, no spreader bar system is required for lifting.

British Petroleum Land-Based Facilities

The Company has supplied hundreds of Blast Resistant Modules to BP. Safe Haven has over 50 BRMs located in one BP petrochemical facility alone with the others spread around other land-based BP facilities. These units are rated at 8 psi initial blast protection.

British Petroleum Offshore Operations Rely on Safe Haven

BP offshore has Safe Haven buildings on its offshore platforms which provide maximum protection. These units combine flat plate and crimped metal to provide the psi protection required. Units are positive pressurized for gas release situations.

State of the Art Safe Haven Living Quarters used by Shell Offshore

Safe Haven has two 12 men living quarters and a state of the art stainless steel laboratory on the Shell Ursa TLP which is located in the Gulf of Mexico. These buildings are rated at 8 psi initial blast protection. Each is equipped with private sleeping areas and bathrooms. The laboratory is a one of-a-kind clean environment.

USAID Mission Office Building

Design, construction, and installation of an 800+sq.ft. Forced Entry/Ballistic Resistant office complex/conference room attached to the second floor of the USAID mission’s office building in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. This project included utilities and communications hook-ups to pair the structure with the building’s utilities and communications infrastructure.

Due to the challenge of installation in a tight space with limited street access, Safe Haven’s design solution was to fabricate the structure in two sections at its Jennings, LA facilities, ship them to the  site, and then weld  together once the modules were in place.  Safe Haven provided start-up, commissioning, and warranty service  and  completed the  project in a timely fashion. Safe Haven also ensured that all USAID personnel were trained in the operation and maintenance of all installed systems. A combination of local labor, subcontractors, and third country contractors were used to expeditiously complete all site work.