Defensive Fighting Positions

Newly designed with oversight from the US Military, SafeHaven’s “Defensive Fighting Position” (DFP) is principally for use as a Guard Station.

Manufactured from armor steel, rated UL LEVEL 10, the DFP offers the highest degree of protection SafeHaven has ever produced. The DFP provides resistance against .50 caliber armor piercing bullets penetration to all six sides, including the glass windows. The unit is fitted with a spring-loaded gun port on each vertical wall to provide 360 degree field of fire

Shown here is an 8’x 8’ x 8’ unit in Ballistic Navy Grey or in Camouflage Laminate. Alternate sizes can be manufactured, subject to specification criteria.

Weight: 50,000lbs / 22.3 tons (long) / 22,730 Kg

Pricing upon request

Each unit will include the following basics:

  • Mini Split HVAC System
  • 2 ea – surface mount 2×4 fluorescent fixtures
  • 150 Amp breaker box
  • Electrical switches with receptacle/data ports
  • Foam insulation
  • Gasket sealed door with 12″ x 12″ access door
  • Painted non-skid floor
  • 3 part paint system including ceramic coating for moisture protection
  • Secured door hardware with sliding bolt lock on door
  • Sliding gun port doors with spring loaded pins
  • Finished interior wall
  • Windows around building including door rated same as Ballistic steel specified