Forced Entry/Ballistic Resistant Doors

Safe Haven® is an industry leader in the design and fabrication of US Department of State-certified Forced Entry/Ballistic Resistant (FE/BR)  Doors for both government and private sector security requirements.


  • US Department of State Diplomatic/Security Certified
  • Blast Cell Chambers – 8 psi minimum initial blast protection to 236 psi initial blast protection with greater protection upon request
  • 60 minutes forced entry
  • Ballistic UL 752- level 8
  • Fire rated
  • Engineered blast resistant doors for any application designed to fit and easy to install
  • Forced Entry / Ballistic Resistant

The Safe Haven® Model SP-60R-SHE-100 Door

Department of State Certified Blast Resistant, water-tight doorsTruly a rugged design , the Safe Haven Model SP-60R -SHE-100 Door will easily withstand 60 minutes of concentrated attack. Its double armor plated design ensures that there is minimal chance of ballistic penetration from conventional firearms.

Ballistics Testing

The Safe Haven® Model S-60R-SHE-100 door was tested and passed by its certified Laboratory according to DOS demanding requirements. DOS policy establishes military rifles as the level of protection required (SD-STD-01.01 revision G, Sect. 1.3.2) and concurrent testing of forced entry resistance. During testing, a representative of DOS (DS/PSP/PSD) was on hand. Military Rifle ammunition used for ballistic testing was compliant with the requirements stated in SD-STD-01.01 revision G, Table I, and ballistic testing requirements were met according to SD-STD-01.01 revision G, Table VI.bullet-ridden-door

DOS uses 7.62 M80 ball ammunition at 823 mps (2800 fps); 5.56 M193 at 986 mps (3235 fps) and 5.56 M855 ball ammunition at 929 mps (3050 fps). A total of 10+ rounds of the various above mentioned calibers and weights are fired at the test sample. Transliterating this to a UL 752 standard would yield a UL 752 Level 5 for a single shot. Multiple shot groupings would yield up to a Level 8.

Forced Entry/Ballistic Resistant Windows and Louvers

Safe Haven’s® US Department of State-Certified Forced Entry/Ballistic Resistant (FE/BR)  Windows and Louvers have been installed in consulates, embassies and private sector buildings providing security against man-made and natural disasters around the globe.