Safe Haven’s First Defensive Fighting Position Unit


Units Produced to US Military Specification; Designed for Military, Commercial and Humanitarian Use
Jennings, LA (September 21, 2015) – Safe Haven International, the leading manufacturer of blast, ballistic and forced-entry resistant turn-key buildings, has completed its first Defensive Fighting Position (DFP) Unit with design assistance from the United States Military.

Each DFP unit, designed to provide maximum force protection for military and security personnel while they conduct defensive operations, will stop 0.50-caliber armour piercing bullets and is equipped with gun ports and ballistic-resistant windows on all sides. The unit has been built to a ballistic rating of UL 752 Level 10, the highest rating ever achieved by Safe Haven and the maximum on the ballistics protection scale.

Though DFP units can be custom designed, Safe Haven’s original specification measures 8 feet cubed and is designed to integrate with other buildings and mobile units, or as part of an integrated defense system. Safe Haven will offer the unit to other branches of the U.S. military and select allied militaries, such as the British Armed Forces, as well as companies and humanitarian organizations operating in conflict zones or other sensitive regions.

‘We are proud to have worked closely with the U.S. Military on the specifications of our new Defensive Fighting Position Units,’ said Alta Baker, President and Founder of Safe Haven. ‘They are engineered to provide maximum protection and survivability for military and security personnel, while also providing the design that occupants require to defend a position from attack – whether they’re located on-base or in the field. They will also be invaluable for civilian security forces that need to defend strategically important operations in unstable parts of the world.

‘We look forward to strengthening our relationship with the U.S. Government while continuing to develop technology that will keep military and non-military personnel safe.”

About Safe Haven
Safe Haven works with military and civilian organizations to protect personnel and property in the event of disaster, or attack. It supplies custom-made fabricated buildings and mobile units that are forced-entry resistant, ballistic resistant, and blast resistant – true ‘safe havens’.

Safe Haven is proud to have been a supplier to the United States Government.


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