“The project at the Petrotrin facility for the WASA plant in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago…was timely and the installation of the building was successfully completed. The Blast Resistant building purchased from SafeHaven Enterprises is superbly constructed and exceeds our expectation.”

– Seven Seas Water Corporation
Tampa, FL

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“…my construction manager was so impressed with the unit he said if there was another explosion and fire he wanted to be in your SafeHaven .”

– Procurement Manager
Eastman Chemical Company, TN

“Ten workers stayed behind at the Williams Olefins chemical plant after an explosion today to keep flaring operations running and shut down the plant, according to Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. He said during an afternoon briefing the workers were in a safe room ( SafeHaven Control Room) as part of the plant’s emergency protocols.”

– WBRZ News 2
June 13, 2013

“…The Type 111 doors were of a special forced entry/ballistic resistance designed for unique height and width requirement….we had no issues with installation due to the guidance and support that SafeHaven provided.”

– Railroad/Moretrench
Re: Lincoln and Holland Tunnel Cross Passages
Water Infiltration Mitigation

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“My employees are exercising their seniority rights to stay in the SafeHaven buildings during any hurricane. I’d say you sold them on SafeHaven’s ability to build Hurricane and Tornado shelters…thanks for building the toughest buildings we’ve ever seen!”

– Calcasieu Parish’s Director of Public Safety

“BP chose SafeHaven because of their attention to quality and cost while maintaining strict adherence to BP’s design specifications. Success of the 2009 Turnaround could not have been accomplished without SafeHaven’s commitment and support to “Go the Extra Mile.””

– Jeff Ponce, BP Procurement / Materials Coordinator / Logistics

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“Based on my engineering evaluation of the SafeHaven Blast Resistant Modules the building design is very robust. The major framing members and crimped panels are all made from 1/4″ thick plate, which to my knowledge, is the thickest material used in the BRM market and far thicker than most manufacturers that I am aware of…”

– Scott Sollay, P.E.Operations Manager, URS Corporation

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